Access Bars

Access Bars™ was developed over 20 years ago by Gary M. Douglas, Creator and Founder of Access Consciousness™. Today this non-evasive therapy is offered worldwide and is so safe that children are even training to run Bars.

Science tells us that everything, at its most basic level is energy. Change the energy and you change how that area of your life shows up. Access Bars™ provides a very simple process for changing the energy so you can start having a different result in any or all aspects of your life, be it with your health, your wealth, your relationships, your business or work.

This therapy allows your body and you to begin releasing all the limiting thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had. Similar to deleting files off your computer’s hard-drive, more space becomes available to receive and create something totally new. Access Bars™ is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life without effort.

An Access Bars Technique

An Access Bars Technique

There are 32 points on the head that correspond to different aspects of your life; we call all of these points The Bars™. Having your Bars run, meaning the 32 points are gently touched, effortlessly and easily releasing anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. Most of us run around doing, doing, doing in order to make sure we don’t have to receive. We need to be willing to receive if we are going to have the life we truly desire.

It’s that simple.

Relaxing, energizing, clarifying, nurturing and transformative are just a few of the words that have been used to describe The Bars™. At worst you feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

What if having your Bars run completely changed your life?  What if you opened up new possibilities?   What if everything you thought wasn’t possible, happened?

How does it get any better than that?!

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