“Thank you Patina for an awesome and inspiring two full days of facilitating.  Your sense of humour is fabulous… It’s amazing how easily Foundation speak is slipping into healings and consultations already!… And suddenly I feel an expert on judgements and have helped others to see them for what they are… Can’t wait till Level One!.”
Linda, Wairarapa NZ

Hey Patina! Just wanted to say thanks so much for your Foundation class in Wellington this month. I really enjoyed it. Ploughing the field that first day really stirred me up, but regular clearings, questions and using our new tools began manifesting exciting changes very quickly. My allergies have become 75% more manageable, I made up with a friend I thought I’d lost, conflicts at work solved themselves, and creativity and joy are in abundance. Truly incredible. Can’t wait for level one. – Matthew, Napier

“Patina is a wonderful and kind facilitator of change. She is utterly respectful and I feel totally safe to surrender to the process of growth under her guidance. I have had a couple of sessions with Patina now, and my life is so different (happily so) to how it was a few months ago. Best value ever! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an easier and more enjoyable life.”
Nicola, Wellington NZ

“I’ve actually have had a huge increase in clients visiting me for both Bars sessions and for Reiki. I’ve found the Cellular Memory process quite dynamic, with one client complaining of a neck problem which suddenly disappeared after only 5 minutes of doing the process. How does it get better than that? Money seems to be increasing daily and appearing magically and I’ve been starting to put away 10% for myself.” Paddy, Mana

“I would like to share what a difference Patina has made to my journey. I met Patina on her course “Make 2013 your best year” on New Year’s Day. During those couple of hours, I was introduced to the tools of the Access Consciousness Program which totally resonated with me. I was both inspired by what I learned, felt an immediate ease and empowerment and curiosity to learn more. The group had a fun and uplifting feel and Patina was able to respond and interact to students at all levels of awareness.

I have also chosen some one on one coaching sessions with Patina which I found of outstanding value. Patina was able to easily sense where I was coming from and with the questions she asked and what I needed to clear and let go of, even spiritual, family of origin and childhood stuff. The benefits I found from having my ‘bars’ run were: Greater clarity, self-awareness, instinctive decision making, releasing of old hurts and stored patterns, more energy, better sleep and less anxiety and greater confidence.

I find Patina to be straightforward, warm, intuitive, caring, client-centered and reliable. She also walks the walk in terms of her own journey and comes from a place of enjoying the people she meets and gratitude for being able to assist other people to manage their lives in a positive way. I wish Patina well for the future and have every confidence that she will improve many more people’s lives, the way she is doing with mine.” – Rose, Wellington, NZ


“I felt safe in a loving and caring environment. I felt I was empowered on so many levels. Thank you!” – Tai, Eltham, NZ


“I had my first ever Bars session with Patina and loved how it made me feel. I think I slept through most of the session but the lightness and clarity that the Bars session gave me has stayed with me. It was just prior to Christmas and for the first time ever I had an easy and pleasurable Christmas with my family, which was something of a miracle.I have also been a participant in classes that Patina has facilitated; she is astute and adventurous as a facilitator, and always open. It’s a real pleasure to be in class with her.” – Gail,  Carterton, NZ


“I was introduced to Access Consciousness Bars while participating in one of Patina’s Body Talk study groups. It felt a strong drive to understand the Bars and add them to my Body Talk sessions, so I signed up for Patina’s Bars class. I will always be thankful to Patina for introducing me so gracefully to Access and its amazing set of tools and questions that have been dynamically transforming my life!” – Renata, Aliso Viejo, CA. USA


“Patina is a fabulous and dynamic facilitator who is a beautiful, soft, yet strong energy. Thank you for facilitating more profound change for me.” – Te Rina, Palmerston North NZ


“Patina offers her gifts through her deep insights, integrity, deep presence, and connection to the work of her heart!” – Suzie, Laguna Woods, CA. USA


“…First she has the utmost integrity which she brings to work of this nature which I believe is a platform for any other attributes. She has a deep and detailed knowledge of the work she offers, not only because she masters the Access or BodyTalk programs, but because of the deep inner work she has done herself and the magnitude of healing herself she has accomplished. Third, she is a great value. Healing is a process, not a light switch, although that does happen for some and Patina is a great healing Access Facilitator that you can engage as a long term support. She is upbeat and personable while also empathetic and able to tune in. Follow your own heart to hear if working with Patina will resonate with you as she did me.” – Elise, Laguna Hills, CA. USA

It’s almost a month since the Level One course, and my weight is falling off with little effort from me. I’m constantly surprised when I go to eat something my body says, no thank you. I am even more surprised, that I actually listen!! This is very new for me and I have to say, lots of fun! Diets are never fun, and I’m usually always hungry. This absolutely is not the case now. It feels fantastic!!

Patina – I seriously think you should run a class specifically around weight loss. Squillions of dollars will be sucked into the whole issue which includes diabetes, heart disease and all the rest. You are an awesome facilitator with a fabulous sense of humour which is cleverly and ably blended in. You also handle with sensitivity issues people bring up. When you expand on them it makes us feel our issues were important, genuine and real. That is a great skill. Thank you so much. – Linda D, Masterton

“I certainly notice a sleeping difference after your bars class – seems that I am sleeping a lot deeper… falling asleep in USA time and waking in NZ time. I think it is the best long flight that I have experienced, and I put that down to the class also.” – Jenny, Hamilton, NZ


“This is an awesome class. I’m so glad I made the effort to travel thru. Would recommend to all.”– Karen, Dannevirke, NZ (re Bars class)


“…I learnt of Access Bars through a friend and decided that it may help clear my energy and help me to progress on my path. To my amazement the night following my treatment I slept till 10:45 am. I believe that the bars worked to relax me of tensions etc. During the night whilst lying contemplating in a very relaxed mood I suddenly began speaking in the “Language of Light.” This happened twice during the night. The next day I phoned a friend to tell her what had happened as I was so excited. She mentioned she was feeling tired and spaced out. I immediately began speaking again in the Language of Light. Another wonderful happening, now and again I am able to see the beautiful aura colours of people…I truly believe working with Access Bars has helped to open up energies areas in my brain that I believed existed but didn’t know how much it would benefit me and open up and altar my life.” – Jean (87 years young) Paraparaumu, NZ.


“I began experiencing Patina’s expert energy ability when we were both studying Body Talk. In a few short weeks she had added Access Consciousness to her body of work. In those two weeks Patina had made amazing shifts in her life. She became dynamic and outgoing! I decided I wanted what she had. I experienced several private sessions with her and enrolled in several Access Consciousness workshops led by her. My comment is Life Transforming! If you are up for more in you life, give her a call!” – Jeani, Los Angeles, USA

“Thanks so much for the course – it was wonderful and amazing!  At the end my head was a bit scrambled from all the work but I loved every minute of it.  I can see its amazing value and can’t wait to start giving sessions to people.  And the book (class manual) is a fabulous reference, thank you,  I have really enjoyed reading through it.” – Dawn, Porirua, NZ

“I had my bars ran by Patina 3 months after I gave birth to my son, and immediately after the session, I noticed that “the fog” was lifted, and it hasn’t come back since! There is definitely something great to this Bars Stuff! Gotta love it and want to take a class for sure! Thanks Patina!” – Vanessa, San Clemente, CA