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Here are 10 reasons why having your Bars run will help you step up and show up with much more ease:

1.  It is really difficult to feel stressed if you are having your bars run regularly. The Access Bars® energy process that involves touching 32 points on your head will ‘defrag’ the stressful, limiting thoughts and feelings that have been stopping you from seeing opportunities, and rocking up in the world. Because our thoughts create our reality, it really makes sense to delete the crappy ones. Access Bars will clear out the ones that are still lingering unconsciously that sabotage your desires and actions for change.

2. There is nothing to do when you have your Bars run except lie back and receive. Ah…. Having your Bars run creates change in your life without the continual efforting. As a former queen of stress & struggle, the Bars has been welcome relief!

3.  Which brings me to receiving. Access Bars are ALL about learning to receive again. Most of us have been entrained to receive just a smidgeon of what we truly could be receiving. If you believe you have to work hard for everything for example – you will be consciously and unconsciously limiting what you can receive in terms of contribution from others, kindness, caring even love, income, greater possibilities etc. It’s not always easy to see where you are refusing to receive but by having your Bars run, all of that programming is being cleared without you having to identify the mental and emotional blocks.

4.  You can go from feeling crappy and contracted to feeling free and light again after having your Bars run. Think “I can see clearly now the rain has gone…”

5.  Things that were bugging the daylights out of you before a session, can just disappear.  “Look all around there’s nothing but blue skies…”

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Bars Class in Hawera, New Zealand in 2011.

6. You can learn to run Bars in a one day class. Kids under 16, they can learn the Bars for free and they can run bars easily and dynamically! Parents, bring your kids to a class!

8.  Once you become a practitioner, you can trade sessions with other practitioners for free!

9. There is no performance pressure as a practitioner. It’s the person’s own body that is doing the defraging and working the magic. You are simply touching the Bars. How does it get any easier? And there’s more. Anything that they are releasing during a session that you have in common with them, it gets released in you too.

10. You get similar benefits as when you have a massage but you don’t have to take your clothes off.

11.It’s great to run Bars for family and friends when they are ill. My son loves me running his bars when he is sick (which is rarely). You actually won’t get sick as much if you have your Bars run regularly. My family rarely get colds, coughs, flus etc.

 Have you experienced Access Bars? How was it for you? An Access Bars newbie and have any questions? Let me know below.

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