Jan 012013

Are you zipping with energy to kick start the New Year or feeling worn out and just grateful to have made it through 2012?  What if you could have a phenomenal 2013, far greater than you can possibly imagine?

Would you be willing to receive more this year than you ever thought possible? What if you were willing to BE more than you ever thought possible? If time, money, age (or anything else you see as a limitation) weren’t an issue, what would you choose in 2013? What if all the things you see as limiting you are a result of the points of view, considerations and judgments you have:  about how much time you would need to __________________ (you fill in the blank), or how much money you have or don’t have, or what is possible for someone at your age. It’s your points of view, conscious and especially the unconscious ones, that create your life experiences.

Here is a simple tool to use when the mental roadblocks tell you something is not possible. Simply acknowledge the viewpoint, for example:  “I can’t afford to start my own business,” with the statement “Interesting point of view that I have that point of view.” What if it is just a point of view and not necessarily what is true or real? “I can’t afford to start my own business,” is a conclusion. When we come to conclusions or make something the answer, we cut off other possibilities from showing up. And I would add, “What else is possible that I haven’t even considered. What would it take to create my own business with total ease?  or ______________________?”

These questions do not require an answer. Look out though for a new awareness – a light bulb moment when something, someone or an idea pops in your mind that could contribute to creating what it is you desire. It may happen immediately or you may have to keep asking the questions. It can take the universe a bit of time to rejig where you were previously directing your energy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Be you and have a phenomenal 2013!


My Phenomenal 2013 calendar

My Phenomenal 2013 calendar

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  1. I Believe that post, “2013: What will it take to make this your best year yet?
    »” was fantastic! I actuallycannot see eye to eye with
    you more! Finally looks like Iuncovered a webpage worth looking through.

    I appreciate it, Erika

    • You are welcome, Erika. I am glad you enjoyed. How is 2013 working out for you? Have you applied some of the tools I suggested? What else is possible and how does it get any better?

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