Oct 102012

Magic from an Access™ viewpoint is consciousness at work. It is all around us and it’s something we all generate, but most people rarely tap into this innate capacity, and when it shows up, they misidentify it as a fluke or coincidence. Is it?

I was recently reminded by my son Agape of the magic that we are and be. We visited our local toy store to purchase a birthday present for his best friend. Agape was also going to get a little something for himself but he was having difficulty choosing from among six Lego-type figurines.

So I invited him to ask each figurine “If I buy you will you make me more money and generate more toys for me now and in the future? So Agape started asking the question to each of the figurines and using the light and heavy tool (what is light is true for you, what is heavy is not true for you) he was able to choose quickly. “This is the one, Mum,” he said. “This is the one that will generate more money and more toys for me now and in the future.”

So we went to the counter to pay and Agape had his toy for his friend and the figurine he has chosen for himself. The shop assistant asked “Would you like the birthday present gift wrapped?”

“No, Agape is going to make his own wrapping.” I replied.

“Well, for a special boy like that, I have a gift for you,” she replied. And she handed him a small package containing another figurine, very similar to the one he has just chosen for himself.

“Wow, how does it get any better than that?” I say. And as we are walking out of the store, I said to Agape  ”Son, do you see how magical you just were? No sooner had you chosen a gift that you knew would generate you more money and more toys for you, less than 5 minutes later you are gifted another new toy.”

“Wow Mum,” he said. “You’re right. How does it get any better than that?” Well, he opened the package to take a look at his free gift, and it was a magician!

Pretty flashy for a 7 year old!

So getting a free small toy is small fry, you might think. What about something more adult?

Here’s an example: When I was looking to go to Access™ facilitator training in Brisbane last December and how it required many thousands of dollars that we hadn’t planned for and we were moving house just a week prior to the training. My husband Kris had not been working for 5 months waiting for his work visa, and we had no furnishings. It didn’t feel light to me that I could go to my training if my family were going to have to eat off paper plates and sleep on the floor because we hadn’t budgeted for all these expenses, so I asked questions. Simple ones like “What would it take to furnish our new home with ease?” I asked from a space of knowing with 100% certainty that I was to be at the training and that I wanted my family to be looked after too. Logically I did not see how we could generate the money but I choose to stay in the question to invite something beyond what I could perceive to show up.

The VERY NEXT DAY I received a phone call from our landlord asking if we had any need for a double bed, single bed, lounge suite, dining room table and chairs, three chests of drawers, a lawn mower, a washing machine, wool blankets, sheets, towels (all in great condition and many brand new), loads of kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and even a set of china! He was clearing out his mother’s home (which she hadn’t lived in for a year) and he wondered if any of these extra belongings would be useful to us. We were welcome to whatever we needed at no charge! How does it get more magical than that?!

Me asking questions created the magic. I had a wonderful week in Brisbane immersing myself in Access™ training with the founder, Gary Douglas, and our beautiful new home was furnished.

What if you invited more magic to show up for you?  Are you open to receiving infinite possibilities? Are you ready to leave the “I can’t afford it” reality? (Well, its real to the degree you choose it.)

Do you acknowledge your capacities to manifest or when the magic shows up, do you downplay it as just good luck, coincidence or a fluke? Do you shut your magical capacities down until a crisis gives you permission to use them again? Are you setting limits as to how much magic you will receive based on your point of view of how your life should look?

Is that working for you?

Can you sense what your life could be like if used your magical capacities – infinite knowing, perceiving, receiving and being every day?

All of the Access Consciousness™ classes impart tools that empower you to change what is not working for you in any area of your life.  There are also many energy processes, particularly Access Bars™ that can also help you to get out of your own way by unlocking the judgements, points of view and conclusions that create limitation in your lives.

I would love to hear about what magic has shown up for you. What are you asking for in your life right now? If you would like a question to help facilitate change leave a comment below. (Click on the response button above to leave a comment below.)

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