Sep 022012

Woman with questionWere you taught to solve problems by using logic?

What if there were infinite possibilities that were easier and more expansive than what your logical mind thought possible? How could you tap into those possibilities?

By asking questions!

When we seek an answer we get a finite set of conclusions to a problem based on our points of view and experiences. But when we ask questions we invite unlimited possibilities to show up.

Let me give you an example of how this works.

In recent months I’ve been looking at how to expand my business asking questions like these:


  • What’s it going to take to meet more like minded people with ease?
  • How does it get any better than this?
  • What energy, space and consciousness can I be to generate my business with amazing ease?
  • What have I decided my business must look like? What if I changed my points of view – what else would be possible then?

So there I was asking questions and a few weeks later I was invited to a friend’s Laughter Yoga class. The class was buzzing and I felt wonderful!

A Laughter Yoga trainer just happened to be there as well and told me she was offering a course for potential leaders, minutes from my home (there are only a handful of teachers nationally) and I was welcome to bring my (homeschooled) son along! How does it get any better than that?!

With my training completed, I’ve become a certified Laughter Yoga leader. I’ve rediscovered a playfulness that brings out the joy in others. The unfulfilled actor in me gets to express herself and I am getting fitter because laughing gets the body moving and oxygenated. All this and I’m meeting new people too.

Was I looking for a new modality? No, but I sensed there was change on the horizon though I didn’t know what was required or how it might look. So I started  asking questions. Get Your Joy On! took all of two seconds to come to me and then ideas for new programmes kept coming like a download. Asking questions has generated far more than I thought I was asking for. What else is possible now?!

So what have YOU been trying to figure out in your life? What questions would unlock your infinite potential?

New to this questioning stuff? Here are some questions to play with:

  • How does it get any better than this?
  • What else is possible here?
  • What’s right about this that I’m not getting?
  • What’s right about me that I’m not getting?
  • What generative energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow ________ to show up?

You might receive an awareness (an ‘aha’ moment) or something really obvious may show up. You will know!

  • Are you asking questions already but not experiencing the changes?
  • Ask questions often, regularly, and every day. If you have been holding some points of view for a looong time, it may take the universe a bit more rejigging to deliver what you desire. Keep asking!
  • Do you have strong points of view about how things need to look? POC and POD (let go of) all the limitations, considerations and judgments that are holding you back.
  • Follow the energy. What feels light is true for you. What feels heavy is not true for you. Sometimes the energy can be subtle or you may experience light bulb moments like I did with Laughter Yoga.

If you would like to learn more about being the question and generating infinite possibilities by asking questions, register to receive my newsletter here or attend any of my Access classes.

How easily you could Get Your Joy On asking these types of questions?! Already asking questions? What changes have you noticed?

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