Jul 192012

choice creates

Sometimes the unexpected happens and we find ourselves in predicaments that seems hard to fathom and we are stopped in our tracks. This is what happened to Serena Williams, when she experienced a career threatening leg injury and life-threatening pulmonary embolism in 2010.

“I have definitely had some lows… I couldn’t take any more. I had endured enough. I was just so tired. I had a tube, a drain, in my stomach. Right before that I had the blood clot, and lung problems, and two foot surgeries. It was a lot, and I felt I hadn’t done anything to bring that on. It was the lowest of the lows. But I didn’t just stay there. I got up, and I got started. That’s what you have to do sometime.*”

Two years later she won her fifth Wimbledon tennis championship and in 2015 she is the top female tennis player in the world. What does it take for someone to go from a life threatening disease to not only making a full recovery but also becoming a world tennis champ again?


Serena Wins! (source: Matthias Hangst/AELTC)

Serena could just as easily have given up, accepted her health conditions as her new norm that she would ‘have to’ adjust to, and never picked up a tennis racket again. Instead she chose to get up, reclaim her health, strength and confidence and get out there and play tennis again.

What if everything is just a choice and every moment is a chance to choose again?

Choosing creates awareness and determines your future. When you make any choice, recognize the possibilities or limitations that are generated by the choice.  Every choice starts to create. Every choice counts. Every one! And the beauty is we can keep choosing particularly when things are not working out the way we desired.

Watch out for when you go into autopilot mode rather than functioning from true choice (i.e. when we are really present to what we are choosing). If there are areas of your life where you feel stuck or where you desire more but it doesn’t happen – you can bet you are in autopilot mode in some way.

Have you found yourself choosing out of obligation because you don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings or be in their bad books?  People who really care about you will get over any disappointment that might feel. You dishonour and diminish yourself every time you choose out of obligation, and if that’s a habit, that can do a lot worse damage to your wellbeing than someone being unhappy with you.

Does it feel like you don’t have a choice? As odd as it sounds, we are actually creating those situations too. What would it take to choose something different? Choice creates, choice really does create! Don’t worry about the how tos. Choose what you desire and then ask lots of questions to create what you desire.

Have you wanted to transform some aspect of your life be it increasing money flows, changing relationship patterns, changing your body image or desiring a deeper sense of self, and found you weren’t getting anywhere?

Try asking these questions many times a day:

–   What choices are possible here?

–   If I choose ___________________ will this expand my life and living?

–   What possibilities can I receive and be from all of this?

–   What can I be, do, have or create today that will generate a new reality for me right away?

– I am choosing this! So universe, show me, what’s it going to take to create this with total ease?

Asking these kinds of expansive questions creates more possibilities which creates more choices and leads to transformation. Don’t look for answers per say, the purpose of asking these questions is to invite awareness. Answers are conclusions and can keep us from seeing new possibilities.

Two things to note: we also have to be willing to take action and receive for change to occur. More about these two another post.

You don’t have to be facing a life threatening situation like Serena Williams to realize what it is that you would really like your life and living to be. But you may need to that same kind of determination and commitment.

Start choosing more for you today!

What choices have you made that were game changers for you? How did you feel doing it?

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