Jan 122016

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Yes! Summer is in full swing here in the Southern Hemisphere. If it’s more arrgh than ahhh over the warm months with kids at home, time off work or no time off work, or family visiting, here are a few tips to staying sane and ensuring you get to recharge your battery too:

#1 Keep yourself in picture. Resist doing things out of obligation. Martyrdom is not required in this lifetime! Thank you for the invitation/offer/suggestion. That doesn’t work for me/us right now. can easily roll off the tongue and not offend anyone.

Be sure to choose things that nurture you. What can I be or do today to create more joy in every way? is a fun question to ask yourself to get more clarity on what else you could enjoy.

#2 Go ahead and enjoy your food! That’s right, give yourself permission to indulge – fully receive every morsel you devour. Savour the flavour, the textures, the aromas, the tastes. Allow your body the orgasmic pleasure that eating can be. Ditch the guilt, the judgments and the dieting rants that this reality feasts on at this time of year. Just be aware of your body and gently listen to what it is telling you. Your body is always sending you messages and signs about what it requires. Are you listening?

#3 Would you allow the earth to contribute to you this summer? Click HERE http://access-consciousness-blog.com/2015/10/meditation-walk-with-the-earth/ to learn more about the Meditation Walk with the Earth. Join our Access Facebook Group, This Is My Earth, to ask questions and share your moments of wonder with the earth. Switch off your computer or the TV, turn off the phone and go lie on the earth, and receive. Ahhh…

#4 Ask: “Body, how would you like to play today?” And do it! Enough said.

#5 Sometimes during holidays, we are thrown together with family or acquaintances who we wouldn’t necessarily choose to hang out with. Some may think you are weird and think it’s their job to point out everything you are doing wrong. What interesting points of view they have! How can you use their judgements to your advantage? If the energies around you are weighing you down, be sure to return it all sender with consciousness. Expand out and rock on! (And you might want to refer back to tip #1 again.)

Choose joy, choose for you, choose what will create more for your future. What if this could be your most fun summer yet?

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