Dec 222014

Happy Christmas girlAt this time of the year, do you love to set New Year’s resolutions and make plans for what you would like to achieve? Is this planning often tainted by judgements of what you did not do or haven’t accomplished in the past year, and now it’s time to get off your butt and start stepping up? Now you may well be ready to create more but what if creating for the future starts with acknowledging you, acknowledging what you HAVE created?

When you don’t acknowledge yourself, you limit your money flows, you invite relationships that aren’t nearly as fun and nurturing as they could be and your darling body is deprived of much care and nurturing. Further, Gary Douglas the founder of Access explains that when you don’t acknowledge the gift you have been to someone else, you hold that person captive from ever truly becoming who they be and from ever really receiving themselves.  Yikes! An infinite being would choose any of that for what reason?

I invite you to take time during the holiday season to press pause, and take time to be and acknowledge yourself.

Acknowledge what you HAVE chosen – all of it – the good, bad, ugly and beautiful – without judgement.  Judgement only solidifies what you judge and always creates more limitation. The beautiful thing is once you claim, own and acknowledge what you HAVE chosen (whether it was staying stuck or moving, creating financial hardship or lots more money, disease or health) you can change anything. When you acknowledge what you HAVE done and what change you HAVE created in the world, consciousness will support you in creating more of that.

What if the greatest gift you could give yourself these holidays, can only come from you? What if the peace and joy of Christmas and the promise of New Year’s possibilities can really be, if we acknowledge and receive ourselves?

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