Jan 122016
Summertime - Living Easy!

Yes! Summer is in full swing here in the Southern Hemisphere. If it’s more arrgh than ahhh over the warm months with kids at home, time off work or no time off work, or family visiting, here are a few tips to staying sane and ensuring you get to recharge your battery too: #1 Keep yourself in picture. Resist doing things out of obligation. Martyrdom is not required in this lifetime! Thank you for the >> Keep Reading

Feb 032015
Have your Bars run and get out of self-sabotage.

Here are 10 reasons why having your Bars run will help you step up and show up with much more ease: 1.  It is really difficult to feel stressed if you are having your bars run regularly. The Access Bars® energy process that involves touching 32 points on your head will ‘defrag’ the stressful, limiting thoughts and feelings that have been stopping you from seeing opportunities, and rocking up in the world. Because our thoughts create our reality, it >> Keep Reading

Dec 222014
Acknowledge The Gift You Be!

At this time of the year, do you love to set New Year’s resolutions and make plans for what you would like to achieve? Is this planning often tainted by judgements of what you did not do or haven’t accomplished in the past year, and now it’s time to get off your butt and start stepping up? Now you may well be ready to create more but what if creating for the future starts with >> Keep Reading

Feb 092014
Beyond The Tall Poppy Syndrome

If you are a Kiwi you’ll know all about the “tall poppy syndrome.” It’s when standing out, being really different and achieving is put down. Celebrating other people’s success is okay, but you would be up yourself or whakahihi if you are outwardly proud of your own. New Zealanders have been infamous for the tall poppy syndrome. The indoctrination begins in early life, when kids are told that they should be seen and not heard. >> Keep Reading

Feb 122013
The Gift of Allowance in Your Relationship

Although we are not quite sure if we want to embrace this Americanism, many here in New Zealand will be gifting chocolates, red roses and romantic cards as token of their love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is easy to be swept off our feet with romantic notions, but what does it take to really make a relationship work? A key ingredient is to be in allowance of your partner. Allowance is seeing everything as >> Keep Reading

Jan 012013
2013: What will it take to make this your best year yet?

Are you zipping with energy to kick start the New Year or feeling worn out and just grateful to have made it through 2012?  What if you could have a phenomenal 2013, far greater than you can possibly imagine? Would you be willing to receive more this year than you ever thought possible? What if you were willing to BE more than you ever thought possible? If time, money, age (or anything else you see >> Keep Reading

Dec 292012
Why New Year’s Resolutions and Goals Don’t Work

How often have you set New Year’s resolutions and did not achieve them?  You’re not alone.  A study from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail.[1] So are most people really weak-willed or are there reasons why New Year’s resolutions and goals don’t work? A big part of the problem is most resolutions are based on people’s judgments of themselves. They focus on what >> Keep Reading

Nov 292012
De-stress with Ease this Holiday Season

Everywhere we turn we are reminded that the holiday season is a time to celebrate and be merry. Has this been your reality? For many the holidays are stressful, lonely and bring up lots of self judgment (it’s the end of the year and I have nothing to show for it). Many people overspend and soon after stress about their finances. Others overextend themselves catering (often literally) for everyone bar themselves. Some find themselves socalising >> Keep Reading

Oct 102012
Magic – You are it, be it, acknowledge it!

Magic from an Access™ viewpoint is consciousness at work. It is all around us and it’s something we all generate, but most people rarely tap into this innate capacity, and when it shows up, they misidentify it as a fluke or coincidence. Is it? I was recently reminded by my son Agape of the magic that we are and be. We visited our local toy store to purchase a birthday present for his best friend. >> Keep Reading

Sep 022012
Ask and Receive Infinite Possibilities!

Were you taught to solve problems by using logic? What if there were infinite possibilities that were easier and more expansive than what your logical mind thought possible? How could you tap into those possibilities? By asking questions! When we seek an answer we get a finite set of conclusions to a problem based on our points of view and experiences. But when we ask questions we invite unlimited possibilities to show up. Let me >> Keep Reading